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Василий Крылов Александрович

From spamming to consulting child pornography with other goons like himself, Vasily is a grown ass MARRIED man from Saint Petersburg.
It is honestly so fucking sad to see people like Vasily, people that could have beautiful lives, being keen on children.
He had decent opsec and even used his own VPN, he was very confident and open with his sexual sensation towards little kids.

You can view his full dox here.



Lewis seems like a completely normal person before he starts sending you his underage cock and talking shit about your deceased f&f.
With a shitty ass opsec and a brain of a monkey, this retard pulled out the "im not afraid of any of you".
While panicking and knowing damn well he fucked up, he began spamming pictures of his cock and his face.
Apart from looking like dream's younger brother with down syndrome, he's annoying as shit and tries to be tough on

You can view his full dox here.



Dineh 'Batcat' Abreu is a 15-year-old mentally unstable spedtard who reasonably banned nxe from one of her favorite communities, later accepted her appeal as it had been recommended by several notable members, and banned her again that same day.
nxe is not sorry for my actions after her 2nd ban.
Also brags about being undoxable with the shittiest opsec known to mankind and 0 knowledge about what OSINT is.
She does not have an address cuz she lives in the biggest shithole in the world, view her info here.